Watts of Love


“Solar lighting as one of the strongest tools available to break the cycle of poverty.” On November 18, 2017, the Rotary Club of Mandaluyong-Pasig-San Juan turned over solar lamps to 116 families in Barangay Mamuyao, Tanay, Rizal. The entire village of Mamuyao has no electricity. Families rely on kerosene lamps, which emit hazardous smoke that can cause respiratory problems. Parents have also shared about kerosene-related accidents like a house being burned to the ground when a lamp was accidentally knocked over. With WATTS OF LOVE solar lamps, families will be able save 20 pesos per day, 600 pesos per month, and 7,200 pesos per year. With WATTS OF LOVE solar lamps, families will no longer be exposed to smoke from kerosene. This means that the community will see reduction in rates of upper respiratory disease. With WATTS OF LOVE solar lamps, children will be able to do their school work with proper illumination. A study has shown that light increases a child’s study time by as much as 78%.